Being sick with a cold virus for a week or two doesn’t mean you have to be miserable. These remedies in the current issue on the Common Cold may help!

Home Cures That Work for the Common ColdSpecial Report – Is It the Flu or Just The Common Cold?

6 ways to tell the difference, with effective home remedies for each.
 What doesn’t work? Worth noting are antibiotics, which destroy bacteria, but are no help against cold viruses. As for Echinacea, a recent analysis had mixed results and stopped short of recommending it until more research is done. Learn more…

The Uncommon Cold

Not all colds turns into the flu. A far greater social virus has been born! People have become cold hearted, selfish, racially polarized and generally unloving towards their fellow man. Here are “common sense” strategies for a far greater concern than the common coldLearn more…

Letter From the Editor

To protect against colds so prevalent this time of year – and without the need for drugstore cold remedies – should you find yourself wanting a little extra immune support, look no further than those provided by nature in its infinite wisdom. The best natural remedies are vitamin C, vitamin D, chicken soup, raw food and proper hydrating liquids such as kombucha with immune boosting probiotics.
Learn more…

cold curing chicken soupHealth Tip

Homemade chicken soup has been proven in actual studies to reduce cold symptomsLearn more…

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