By Jessica Sanders

Politics aside, the healthcare system is becoming more regimented and managed with each passing year. Now, as ObamaCare makes its way into the lives of everyone, whether you want it or not, the system is becoming more congested. More people with insurance translate to more appointments made and more sick people to be seen.

“Now you have millions of people being added into a system and then more millions of people who didn’t have insurance that now have insurance … How are we going to get all these new doctors?” asks Dr. Saunders.

Regardless of whether there’s an answer to that question or not, consumers have to ask themselves:

  • health care systemWith month-long waits, waiting lists and insurance companies with their hands tied, how do you navigate this healthcare machine?

There’s one simple answer, according to Joe Barton,

“Be educated, informed of how to take care of yourself, prevent disease and eat right.”

In order to do that, you need to vet all your resources, making the most of what you have at your fingertips. Which, despite what you might think, is actually a lot.

Make the Most of Your Appointment

When you do get into the doctor, make the most of every face-to-face minute you have with them. Here are a few ways to do just that:

Bring a list

Keep a running list of your questions, tests you want to take, medicines you might need. Think: potential allergies, vitamin levels, blood tests.

Don’t be afraid to take your time

Don’t worry about other appointments after you; in a managed, and often rushed, healthcare system, you can’t be afraid to take your allotted time.

Get prescription (if necessary!) refills

Ask for refills of all your prescriptions, even if you don’t need them yet. This helps to avoid making another appointment in order to get another prescription. You can also see if your doctor is able call in prescriptions for you, instead of having an appointment first.

Seek Alternative Advisory

make most of appointmentThere are a variety of online sources where you can find home remedies that help you overcome a cold, a bad stomachache and more.* Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find accurate health  online, and sifting through what’s legitimate and what’s not can be a taxing process. Here are a few trusted resources:

Home Cures That Work

A variety of health professionals work together to make this site is a vault of authentic information; for the winter, refer to Dr. Saunders’ Cure for the Common Cold. With information on how you catch it, how to avoid it and how to build your immune system, you may be able to avoid seeing the doctor all together.

Doctor Oz

This website, which is overseen by a certified cardiothoracic surgeon and professor at Columbia University, came as an offshoot of his popular show, which launched in 2009. Now, many people turn to his website for legitimate information regarding health, nutrition and exercise. Topics range from eye care to sleep and heart health. Start with this quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Own Heart?

Doctor Doni

Run by Donielle Wilson, ND, CPM, CNS, this website covers a whole spectrum of health concerns including, mood, digestion, allergies, energy and more. This holiday season, turn to Dr. Doni for valuable information on staying healthy and stress free. Check out, What is Your Optimal Stress during the Holidays?

* If conditions are severe, always see or call your doctor.

Stay Proactive

Any health professional will tell you that to stay healthy you have to be active; whether you’re in the gym every day or take walks after work and hikes on the weekend, moving your body is the best method for prevention.

Instead of going at it alone, seek out a network of health professionals and like-minded individuals to keep you on track.


Click on the Health and Wellbeing section of and you’ll find pages and pages of groups (depending on where you live) that range from weekly meditation to health technology forums and group yoga in the local park. This is a resource that keeps on giving; when you meet health-focused individuals you have the opportunity to learn more from them, as well.

YouTube Channel: Healthy Cooking Camp

YouTube is filled with both useless and valuable videos, and this particular channel is one worth tuning into. The girls who run the channel offer valuable information and make it fun at the same time. Learn how to choose the best greens or handle sugar cravings. Tune into Mindful Eating at Parties for great information on how to handle healthy eating at holiday parties.

Thanks to a growing population, the passing of ObamaCare and an increasingly rigid system, getting to the doctor or other health professional is next to impossible. But, that doesn’t mean your health will or should suffer. Instead, make the most of the appointments you can get, seek alternative information on the web and be proactive about staying healthy so you won’t need to get into the doctor; instead, learn to take care of yourself.

What is your plan to cope with the changes in the healthcare system? 

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