Eye doctors have been prescribing glasses to correct vision problems for hundreds of years.

But, did you know there have been no clinical studies to determine how safe corrective lenses are –  or if they’re effective in the long-term?

It’s true!

Just ask anyone whose vision has gotten worse over time. Each year they need stronger and stronger lens prescriptions.

Because of this, trusting your precious vision to these lenses may not be the right thing to do.

You may have heard about eye exercises as a natural remedy alternative.

Eye exercises claim to strengthen your vision through daily routines. For example, like blinking quickly then holding your eyes tightly shut for a few minutes practiced a couple times a day.

But, please beware of websites that tell you these type of exercises improve your vision. They may work in some minor way, but it is important to first find out what kind of vision problems you have. If you’re nearsighted, then ask your optometrist if it’s a myopia, if your cornea is irregularly curved (refractive myopia) or if your eye is elongated (axial myopia). These exercises may work to lower a simple myopia condition but, in extreme cases, eye exercise will likely have no effect… or even could cause more damage.

On a general basis, I can’t condone the use of these exercises because everyone is different and what works for some may not work for others.

So instead, I’d like to tell you about foods and other natural remedies to improve your vision. Eating right is so important to all of your systems – your eye sight is no different. Plus, because these suggestions are just as good for your overall health as they are for your eyesight – you get a double whammy!

Don’t let your eye doctor sabotage your eyes.

Include the following vision-friendly eating ideas into your diet and you may be able to toss your  prescription lens eye glasses for good.

1.     Peaches and herbs

Protect your eyes from free-radical damage to the retina cells with antioxidants Lutein and Zeaxanthin. These muscle-bound antioxidants zap free-radicals, neutralize them and protect your eyes against harmful UV damage. It’s almost like having built-in sunglasses! Peaches, spinach, Kale, kiwi, sweet-corn, melon, grapes, and green beans are just a few fruits and vegetables rich in these antioxidants.

Plus, look for passionflower, ginkgo, and bilberry to super-charge your eyesight.

These powerful herbs have been shown to improve night vision – especially useful when driving – and may prevent cataracts, as well.

2.     For your eyes only

The National Eye Institute has determined through 2 separate studies that vitamins of the A, C, and E complex with zinc could slow or prevent macular degeneration (loss of site in the middle part of your vision) – and even improve vision and eyesight over time. Vitamins C and E may even work to prevent or reverse the formation of cataracts. Take them in all-natural remedy supplement form or go to the source – orange and yellow colored vegetables for A, citruses for C, nuts and fish oils for E. Oysters contain the most zinc per serving of any food, but red meat and poultry will do if they’re not your thing!  ;o)

3.     Repress your stress

FACT: stress is just no darn good and has very negative effects on your body and its delicate systems – including your vision. You can’t remove all stress from your life, but you can keep it at manageable levels. So, be sure to make time for activities that relax your mind and body. Do some yoga, meditate, breathe deeply with your eyes closed and practice visualization. Also, and this may be easier said than done, try to approach all you do with a positive attitude. Positive thoughts are a major stress reducer because they elevate your mood and feeling of control. Reducing stress improves your vision, as well as your overall health.

Your vision is the forefront.

Your eyes are the king of the senses as they take in information, even if you’re out of sonic range. That said, it’s no surprise that 80% of our sensory stimuli comes from sight! So, it’s important to protect your eyes from vision problems and reverse damage…and you can!

Now, I say this a lot around here, but healthy eating is the key to preserving and strengthening all of the systems, organs, and bones of your body. It stands to reason that your eyes can benefit from a healthy lifestyle, too. Some of the health foods we give you are not exactly taste sensations – I get that.

So, I’d like to close today by giving you a no-more-excuses way of enjoying these eye opening food suggestions with recipes that will tickle your taste buds. They are so tasty you won’t even realize you’re getting healthier with every delicious bite.

Take care of your body for life and it will most certainly return the favor.