Protein Is The Primary Nutrient, But Too Much May Promote Kidney Stones

As you already know the Standard American Diet (SAD) promotes too much of the wrong foods and as important as protein is, mainstream media is not emphasizing the importance of quality and quantity.

High blood serum levels of calcium are produced when too much poor quality protein produces an acidic physiology, which then develops into kidney stone symptoms.

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Once your blood and cells become acidic, the signaling priority between cells calls for organic mineral salts to counteract, or buffer, the toxic acidic environment.

The fastest way to build kidney stones is to induce an acidic environment aggravated by excess animal protein. Or, I will say an excess of “poor quality” proteins.

Once an acidic environment is created from an over abundance of metabolic protein waste, calcium is immediately extracted from your skeletal and heart cells which are made of synergistic mineral complexes, primarily calcium, potassium and magnesium, which produce the kidney stone symptoms we know a bout.

Once the calcium molecules receive the signals to migrate from the bone and muscle cells it can become a problem for your kidneys, often creating kidney stone pain.

Calcium isn’t the only thing involved in the formation of kidney stones, but it is the main ingredient.

The other main ingredient in kidney stones is oxalate, a form of oxalate acid.

Oxalate poisoning can cause kidney disease, kidney failure or even death. When serum calcium and oxalate acid combine to form calcium oxalate it forms needle-like crystals, which are non-soluble and when allowed, accumulate into kidney stones.

In microscopic form, these calcium oxalate (kidney stones) crystals can be detected in urine samples. Kidney stones aren’t the only thing calcium oxalate forms into. In beer vats it forms what’s called beerstone.

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Another way to get kidney stones to form from calcium oxalate is from exposure to ethylene glycol poisoning, found in common automotive antifreeze.

Kidney stones are produced by your body as an act of self-preservation. Calcium oxalate is quite toxic and if you even place a small dose of it in your mouth it would cause burning, swelling and severe choking. In a larger dose, it would trigger severe digestive upset, breathing difficulty, convulsions, coma and death.

If your body didn’t signal your kidneys to isolate it into kidney stones to be expelled, it would result in permanent kidney and liver damage.

You can see why it’s wise not to eat unhealthy sources of animal protein that come from sick animals that are forced to eat grains and proteins supplements instead of naturally nutritional grasses.

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