Kidney Stone Formation Is A Worldwide Issue

Urolitiasis (kidney stone formation) prevalence is higher in industrialized countries that consume more animal protein sources, such as meat and dairy, than undeveloped countries.

Evidence based studies reveal kidney stone formation may be triggered from free radical activity levels.

Supporting the reason why consumption of whole foods high in antioxidant capability helps prevent and eliminate kidney stones.

Kidney stone formation and gout have a lot in common. Just as there are gout foods, there are also “kidney stone foods.”

There are published findings that prove people with recurrent kidney stones are able to resolve their problem simply by shifting their diet.  Follow This Link To Find Kidney Stone Fighting Foods.

In fact, uric acid salts, which form gout crystals, enhance the tendency for calcium oxalate (kidney stones) crystals (or oxalate stones) to form in your kidneys.

Studies show that 30% to 40% of kidney stones were triggered from the hyperabsorption of calcium in the intestinal system. Foods containing Monosodium glutamate (MSG or D-glutamate) cause cells to absorb abnormal amounts of calcium, triggering over excitation and death the cells, and more oxalate stones.

This may very well be another reason why prevalence and symptoms of kidney stones is steadily rising. Today MSG is making a clandestine return into processed foods under many different names.

Another interesting fact recently discovered is that kidney stone formation is not a singular event, but a recurring process with increasing risk, as you get older. One study showed the risk of kidney stone relapse increased progressively after 5 years from more than 30% to 72% in people who had their first kidney stone attack more than 20 years previously. (Ljunghall & Hedstrand)

There are several types of kidney stones caused from kidney stone foods and only one type caused from infection that is very rare.

The most common kidney stones are the calcium oxalate type. If you suffer from recurring kidney stones or symptoms of kidney stones, you will benefit by avoiding kidney stone foods that are acid causing like grain fed beef, and pasteurized cow’s milk as well as coffee, tea, table salt, eggs, cheese, pop, bread, cereal and junk food. All these kidney stone foods force the body to produce extraordinary amounts of acid.

Another symptom of kidney stones to look out for thick, dark and odiferous urine.

Studies verify the more dilute the urine the less likely cystine, uric acid and magnesium ammonium phosphate will crystallize. So, as always, proper hydration is beneficial.

Kidney stones occur with increased frequency in people with uric acid in their urine (hyperuricosuria) or cystinuria. When pH is acidic, cystine crystals are likely to form in the urine. These crystals may also be converted in to kidney stones.

Cellular malnutrition of naturally occurring kidney stone inhibitors likely contribute to the root cause of kidney stones as well.  Root Out The Cause Of Kidney Stones With This Report.

The fact is our acid-forming Standard American Diet (SAD) and Western Diet is the trigger for dangerous changes in serum calcium levels. Eating too much poor quality animal protein triggers the body to “leach massive amounts of calcium” from bone and tissue reserves to maintain a safe pH balance in the blood, creating symptoms of kidney stones.

Some of the healthiest people in the world consume zero dairy products; one example is the Pitcairn islanders. The only animal protein they consume is some fish. They have zero kidney stones because their diet is mostly fruits and vegetables.

Bottom line your stomach requires hydrochloric acid to digest kidney stone foods like meat, milk, eggs and cheese.  Consequently, calcium is extracted from bone and muscle to alkalize, or buffer, this acidic “digestive mixture” when it enters the bloodstream and upsets the critical blood pH balance.

As calcium is leached from your body, on the way out of your bone, muscle and nerve cells it can become lodged in the kidneys causing kidney stones, or even the gallbladder causing gallstones.

On top of that, excess animal protein turns into urea in the liver. This creates a diuretic action in the kidneys, leaching more minerals including calcium into the urine.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a long-term study observing a diet consisting of 75 grams of protein per day, along with 1,400 mg. of calcium. They proved that more calcium was lost into the urine than was being used by the body, triggering a calcium imbalance.

In conclusion, excess animal protein consumption depletes more calcium from bones, than is gained through a high animal protein diet.

This explains why so many people get kidney stones and suffer from symptoms of kidney stones. Click Here To Flush Kidney Stones.

Calcium is important for nerve, muscle and bone function, but if you eat kidney stone foods, leaching calcium out of these areas increases risk of kidney stone formation. It’s really common sense, or should I say “uncommon.”

  • Milk’s loses 50% of its calcium through the process of pasteurization. Low-fat milk reduces calcium’s absorbability because “fat” is an essential part of the transportation and absorption of calcium.
  • Also you should know that refined sugar increases the amount of calcium lost through urine.
  • Refined table salt has been shown to increase calcium levels in the urine. The more in calcium lost to urine, the higher the risk of developing kidney stones.

“Unpasteurized” milk has vital enzymes, which separate phosphorous and calcium, increasing calcium’s bioavailability. BUT, after “pasteurization” these vital enzymes are destroyed.

Both meat and carbonated drinks are high in phosphorus, which “binds” with calcium making calcium useless to the body. It has also been shown that coffee, tea, and milk chocolate increase calcium loss in the urine as well.

As I mentioned earlier, most kidney stones form from calcium oxalate (oxalate stones) or uric acid and a high-animal protein diet causes the body to lose calcium through the kidneys. On average, you are excreting 85% of your calcium intake through your urine, triggering calcium to “fuse together” into crystals that grow into kidney stones.

Uric acid comes from eating organ meats and other gout foods, which contribute to kidney stones too.

There are ample and detailed studies that have confirmed the connections between animal protein consumption as the major cause of common kidney stones.

Professor W. G. Robertson and his colleagues have published over 100 papers on the subject since the 1960’s.The good news is you can defeat kidney stones once and for all.

Just don’t expect advocates for the meat and dairy business to agree. But, the truth is still true.

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