Unfortunately, back pain is exactly what countless people get 24/7 around the globe.

The cause of back pain is usually presumed to be from improper lifting, poor posture and inferior foot wear, or even a combination of these factors.

What may surprise you is that one of the biggest factors of chronic back pain is dietary. Change your dietary habits not only to lose weight…but also to lose your back pain.

Naturally losing weight will help improve posture and take the extra burden out of your stride.  It even puts a bounce back in your step.

Here are two examples of how your diet affects back pain:

  1. Hydration
  2. Ionic minerals

One of the biggest oversights conventional medicine claims is you don’t need water unless you’re thirsty.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Sometimes the truth is so simple, that it seems unbelievable. The need to stay well hydrated is one of those simple truths.

When you are dehydrated the intake of nutrients, as well as the elimination of toxic body wastes, can literally shut down . . . triggering back pain.

To claim you have to feel thirsty before you hydrate is like saying you should turn three shades of blue before taking a breath or like waiting for signs of starvation before you eat your next meal.

Leading researchers now know that calorie restriction extends your life span when combined with a productive attitude, mild exercise and the right foods groups.

It often goes unsaid, but breathing clean air, getting plenty of sunlight and staying well hydrated are critical to your health and wellness along the way.

You were born to eat and drink throughout the day. When your diet and body is deprived of consistency, it loses balance: muscles become loaded with metabolic (cellular) toxins and become inflamed.

Lower back pain is really like a slow Charlie horse. Your back muscles are long fibers and when they lack the “right” conditions, they tighten, shrink and bind up, pulling your normally centered frame out of balance.

Another important factor besides staying well hydrated is drinking the “right” kind of water.

Mama Nature creates mineral rich water from deep within the earth. When water is born, hydrogen and oxygen gases fuse together, rushing upward like a hungry child ascending from its dark birth canal to gather minerals from ancient plant matter.

As the “newborn water” gurgles up from below, it forms a water table, producing mineral and oxygen rich water ripe for the tasting.

This living water provides magnesium, which is vital for metabolizing other minerals and vitamins.

Magnesium is Mama Nature’s miracle muscle relaxant. So, you can imagine the power the right amounts of the right water in your diet will have on your chronic back pain.

P.S. Magnesium rich water supports immune function while reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. (1)

1) Mazur A, Maier JA, Rock E, Gueux E, Nowacki W, Rayssiguier Y. Magnesium and the inflammatory response: potential physiopathological implications. Arch Biochem Biophys 2007; 458: 48-56.