Did you know some fats are actually essential for life, like Omega 3 for high cholesterol?

Too many people have become entranced by the “Low-Fat” and “No Fat” processed food fads. Fact is your body depends on beneficial fats to help produce cellular energy, normalize cholesterol and even prevent inflammation. It just so happens that inflammation and low cellular energy are both triggers to heart disease.

Ironically, most people are consuming high levels of the BAD FATS and eliminating the GOOD FATS entirely, then turning to CRESTOR. BAD FATS have the opposite effect of GOOD FATS and actually trigger inflammation, increase high cholesterol and deter your cellular health.

One of these BAD FATS is called OMEGA 6.

Whole foods, including grass fed beef are naturally low in OMEGA 6 fats (one of the BAD FATS) and rich with OMEGA 3 fats (one of the GOOD FATS). Another supreme source of the heart healthy OMEGA 3 is, you guessed it: FISH!

There are several studies verifying that eating fish high in OMEGA 3 fatty acids is beneficial for a healthy heart and balanced cholesterol. I recently found an Italian study, which proved fish oil (OMEGA 3) supplementation worked better than the cholesterol-blocking drug CRESTOR. {The Lancet MJ Aug. 31, 08}

Finally, the word is getting out: heart disease can be helped without having to use drugs. Find The Drug-Free Help You Need Here.

This was an extensive study, which involved almost 7,000 patients and the amazing results were presented before the European Society of Cardiology in Germany. This test gave half the patients OMEGA 3 fish oil supplementation and the other half was given a placebo, to test cholesterol. Both groups were followed for 4 years.

The Italian researchers compared the overall results with a parallel study group. Those patients were given Rosuvastatin, A.K.A. a prescription drug sold as the brand CRESTOR. Even though the parallel studies were funded by an Italian group of drug companies including Pfizer Inc., Sigma Tau SpA and AstrZeneca PLC. They officially announced fish oil worked better than CRESTOR.

I can’t emphasize enough that you can take full control of your life again, and your high cholesterol, and all the while saving thousands of dollars in ongoing medical costs. Plus, you bypass having all those damaging side effects, which only complicate things worse.

P.S. Don’t wait another 4 years for the next study. Your own intuition and common sense will tell you Mama Nature’s always had the solution, like Omega 3. All you have to do is choose health — and it’s all yours. You’re NOT alone; millions of people are turning to natural solutions instead of expensive and risky drug products such as CRESTOR.
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