Angular Cheilitus sufferers experience cracked corners of the mouth that feel torn and raw. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s gross and painful enough where you don’t ever want it again.

Angular Cheilitus is associated with a fungus that can last for weeks or months. The fungus that causes Angular Cheilitus is one of the most persistent parasites on the planet. Left uncured without natural remedies, this fungal parasite can rapidly infest every organ in your body, attacking every tissue.

This parasitic fungus grows deep roots into your flesh and organs pumping poisons into your blood. There is no antifungal drug that can cure Angular Cheilitus because drugs fail to address the ROOT CAUSE.

The danger of treating the Angular Cheilitus symptom is that the fungus has a “dual-life” and can spread first as a yeast organism. This flesh-destroying organism thrives under specific conditions, which most drugs help produce: an acidic environment.

This physical condition only develops under specific mineral and nutrient deficiencies. Using a conventional antifungal treatment will not address these deficiencies, and that’s why the sores keep returning.

Ignoring this serious and painful problem is not only dangerous to your health; it is also a death sentence for any social life. Angular Cheilitus is very contagious and spreads very quickly in the right conditions.

The good news is you have no reason to worry about ever having Angular Cheilitus again.

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You want this thing knocked out NOW, not later. The sooner you remove the problem with natural remedies, the sooner your autoimmune system in your body can start healing your wounds.

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Natural and complementary medicine is the oldest and safest form of healing known to mankind.

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