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Deconstructed GuacamoleDeconstructed Guacamole — My weakness is guacamole and chips. I make this recipe and it’s one of my favorites. First of all, it takes only minutes to pull together. Second, it includes two of my favorite foods: tomatoes and avocados. It’s also loaded with all the awesome ingredients you expect in guacamole – red onion, black beans, cilantro, a little bit of fresh lime juice and a pinch of spicy cayenne – just a bit on the chunkier side. I could eat this any day, any time.  You’ll love it!


“Rue the day” comes from the biblical herb rue used to treat poison. True or False.


Royal jelly sounds like a condiment fit for a queen — and that’s not too far from the truth! Royal Jelly is the queen bee’s extraordinary food source and has become a favorite health supplement. It’s taken as a health and energy tonic and natural remedy for a host of ailments such as low blood pressure, inflammation and signs of aging. Royal jelly responds to a great number of problems the body encounters and if it does not directly treat a problem, it helps provide the body with the energy and vitality necessary to overcome it.

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