Finding an egg substitute is one of the hardest challenges a baker will ever face – especially if you are converting a favorite recipe for a vegan friend. But when I first heard about “egg free” recipes with aquafaba, I was a bit skeptical. However, I am a big fan of meringues and of trying new things …so I decided to put chickpea brine to the test!

The liquid you usually pour down the drain when you open a can of chickpeas is actually magical. When whipped, this substance takes on an uncanny egg-white-like texture.  If you take aquafaba and treat it the way you would egg whites, it acquires a fluffy white consistency that looks and tastes exactly like egg whites.

vegan-chocolate-mousse_with aquafabaExperimenting with aquafaba is fascinating and the results are amazing. Once you start baking with aquafaba, you won’t care how it works—you’ll just want to keep using it.  The most mind-blowing feat of the chickpea liquid is the meringue. Discover for yourself the magical powers of aquafaba with recipes for meringue, mousse and even vegan mayonnaise.

Health Tip

If you have tinnitus, you may want to think about putting down that diet soda. Some researchers suspect aspartame, the most common sweetener in diet soda, might have a connection to tinnitus. Beyond the toxicity, aspartame is known as an “excitatory neurotransmitter.” It increases electrical activity in the brain. As those with tinnitus already have an elevated level of electrical activity in the brain, more electrical activity is the last thing they need. Reducing electrical activity in the brain, by whatever means, has been proven to improve tinnitus. Other culprits that trigger tinnitus are…

Product Highlight

Glutamine plays an important role in strengthening the lining of the gut. With the many chemicals the human stomach is exposed to these days, there is a good chance your gut may require some maintenance and repair. Gut health is necessary and essential for overall health and well being.  Glutamine is also useful for treating diarrhea, as it decreases loss of electrolytes and water from the small intestines. Glutamine’s role in the health and healing of the gut and intestines is unparalleled. You may need to supplement with glutamine to treat digestive problems and improve your overall health.

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