Arthritis Drugs…A Thing Of The Past?

My name is Martin Jacobse and I’ve been researching cutting-edge breakthroughs for doctors, patients and healthcare professionals for more than 33 years now. Like most Baby-boomers, I grew up in a generation who witnessed the rise of corporate consumerism and the decline of the farming culture, where locally grown ingredients, gardens and farmer’s stands no longer put food on the table.

Back then, if someone had a scrape or a burn we simply picked some Aloe vera. If one of us had a headache or a cold, we drank honey, lemon and tea and then put the black teas bags on our eyes to soothe away stress.

I was blessed with Grandparents who passed down proven home remedies to us all. My grandmother had every confidence in her many home remedies and she swore her copper bracelet kept her arthritis pain at bay. Today, I realize what a powerful difference it has made in all our lives. Find Other Proven Home Remedies Here.

Bottom line, the healthiest people I know stay away from doctors as best they can. My Great Aunt Mary is 104 natural years old!

I was taught Mama Nature provided all the cures we would ever need and doctors were only for emergencies. These days it’s a different story entirely. Everyone I know that takes medicine is sick all the time it seems and things only seem to be getting worse all around.

A study done by Medco Health Solutions revealed more than 50% of Americans who have insurance “take at least one prescriptive drug on a daily basis”.

That was an average taken of all age groups, here’s the actual list:

* 25% of children take prescriptions daily
* 52% of adult men take prescriptions daily
* 67% of adult women take prescriptions daily
* 75% of seniors 65+ take prescriptions daily

In spite of this, public health is worsening. Meanwhile there is no sign of drug companies slowing down their advertising campaigns. It’s no wonder more people are returning to alternative medicines, especially those who can’t afford insurance. Click Here For Arthritis Alternative Remedies.

It seems at least once a month I hear about more unexpected adverse side effects of yet another new drug released on the market. In fact the FDA recently ordered stronger warning labels for four commonly prescribed arthritis drugs. I guess because of the potentially DEADLY side effects.

Here’s the list of the 4 most dangerous arthritis drugs this month:

1. Cimizia
2. Enbrel
3. Humira
4. Remicade

These arthritis drugs suppress your immune system and are all called TNF blockers. We know of only 240 arthritis patients that actually “reported” the adverse side effects, out of those 45 died!!!

Are you risking your life with arthritis drugs? If you are taking a TNF blocker and feel fever, cough, shortness of breath and exhaustion, call your doctor immediately.

I always remind people I meet, that all these fancy drugs originally came from Mama Nature’s herbs and foods, long before big corporations chemically changed them to make a profit.

The fact is natural remedies work better than drugs and are much safer; Mama Nature’s own prescription for arthritis.

If the arthritis drugs you take don’t cure your painful arthritis symptoms, perhaps you should ask your doctor to try something else.

Better yet, find out what Mama Nature has been recommending for arthritis since before doctors, by following the link below: