In this month’s issue of Home Cures That Work, we’ve boldly stepped into the foray on the controversial topic of vaccinations. We can practically guarantee you’ll be intrigued, informed, and challenged as you read articles by Dr. Scott Saunders, Naturopath Amanda Box, and our other health researchers.

Home Cures That Work for VaccinesYou’ll see a brief history of vaccinations that uncovers the real truth about what brought about the end of so many disease epidemics like polio, diphtheria and measles. Was it really vaccines, or was it something else altogether?

Dr. Saunders provides a list of common vaccines and explains in simple terms some key considerations whether you should allow yourself to be inoculated with them. He also shares some vital information that will no doubt surprise and even shock you. Learn:

  • Why vaccines may make you even more susceptible to the disease for which you’re seeking immunity
  • Why so many vaccinations are being thrust upon us and our children today
  • That the theory of “herd immunity” is a myth and why that myth is not going away
  • About how immunizations lose their effectiveness in 2 to 10 years
  • Why “natural vaccination” through exposure to a disease is so effective
  • How ineffective vaccines really are
  • The risks and benefits of many different vaccines

While we often credit vaccines with preventing  outbreaks, you may be shocked to find out that vaccines do not make us healthyDiscover how vaccines cause damage to the body and may actually compromise your immune system.

And at the same time, if you have been vaccinated in the past or your job requires it in the future, find out how you can protect yourself from damage and purge your body of toxins found in those vaccines. We’ll even introduce you to an amazing product that can effectively detox your body from the deadly poisons found in vaccines, reversing the damage they cause.

Home Cures That Work Tip: Activated charcoal is cheap and easy to use as an antidote for our toxic world.  It can be used to soak up poisons like heavy metal and improve intestinal healthClick here for how to use activated charcoal to adsorb the mercury from vaccinations.

There’s so much to tell you about in this issue of Home Cures That Work, but hopefully I’ve “injected” enough of the subject matter to help it go “viral” with you!

P.S. Learn the three steps to clear toxic vaccine ingredients from your body and regain your health!

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