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Best Natural Medicine

In this article, I am going to highlight some natural cures that are definitely out of the box.  I have either used these myself or have friends who have tried them and were pleasantly surprised by the results!  Yes, they are unconventional and some may even make no sense whatsoever. These are not snake oil remedies, but rather tried and true methods that have healed many over the centuries! They are completely pain free, chemical free, and side-effect free.  So, why not give them a shot?
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Weird Remedies That Work 

The only thing that makes a medical theory or practice “alternative” is the fact that it hasn’t been accepted by the mainstream medical community – yet. And when the world is teeming with such health ideas, there are bound to be some that are a bit strange, to say the least. These 6 modern-day alternative medical treatments and theories range from weird medicine cures to off beat therapies that work to the truly bizarre …
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Cures in the Cabinet

Of course there are some health staples you should never be without — bandages or first aid kit. But you can treat or cure a surprising number of minor ailments with these unexpected household objects and foods. You don’t have to roam the aisles of a health food store or drugstore to find a cure for what ails you. You most likely have an entire medicine cabinet right inside the walls of your kitchen cabinets! Many of these effective and safe remedies may surprise you. Others you may recognize as old wives tales passed down through

the generations.  In any case, you can forget the pharmacy and naturally transform your health with these home cures that work!
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Nothing is crazy when it works.

In other parts of the world, crazy cures are part of life. But nothing is crazy enough if it works. From the curious to the kooky to what seems plain crazy, some people will try just about anything to cure what ails them.

Hippocrates knew we just might prefer to take the easy way out and reach for a pill bottle or make an appointment with an M.D. That gets expensive, not to mention inconvenient, especially when the answer for what ails you—whether it’s PMS or a mild case of the blues—is no further than your refrigerator.


Do you have a favorite natural home remedy that you swear by? What cure have you put to the test? If you have a personal experience to share, please take your promising remedy out of the kitchen and into the hands of others!

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