Organized medicine has encouraged a great deal of misinformation about osteoporosis.  It is a highly lucrative disease with billions of dollars spent in treating hip fractures, hormone replacement therapy, bone density scans and pharmaceutical interventions.

Osteoporosis sounds like a complex disease, but it isn’t.  There isn’t anything complicated in building bone to prevent brittle breaking. But, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  Osteoporosis doesn’t result simply from insufficient calcium intake. That’s a myth!

Quite simply, the primary source of bone loss is diet and exercise. Calcium is only one of the factors when it comes to treating and preventing osteoporosis.

The June issue of Home Cures That Work on Osteoporosis takes a closer look at these factors and their destructive work in our bodies.  It can begin as early as your first cup of coffee in the morning!

Home Cures That Work gives you the basics, right here. Preventing osteoporosis can be as easy as:

  • Standing on your two feet – tells your body to build muscle
  • Preventing loss of bone due to dietary causes – like sugar
  • Building bone mass with the fundamental building blocks – like vitamin D

The Home Cures That Work experts – doctors, naturopaths, chefs and home remedy specialists – deliver the simple causes of osteoporosis with incredible easy ways to reverse it.  You do not need prescription drugs to treat this disease, nor do you need surgical procedures or radical medical therapies.

You need change with natural results.  Home Cures That Work draws the bottom line for you with daily lifestyle habits that build bone.

As easily as a sedentary lifestyle coupled with tobacco, alcohol and poor diet can promote osteoporosis, our natural remedies with exercise, clean living and proper nutrition can help prevent it.

Home Cures That Work is the therapy prevention for osteoporosis.  Adopt the natural healing solution and sign in.

It is not too late to receive your healing from osteoporosis.  Start now before the cost ads up to hip surgery.  Sign up for the plan that saves lives.  A Home Cures That Work membership is only $57/year and is an all-access pass to remedies for 29 diseases and conditions.

In addition, each month we give you a free remedy report to add to your growing collection of cost effective remedies.

P.S. Your bones can be beautiful without a prescription. There are no short cuts or quick fixes for strong bones.  Only Big Pharma benefits with profit margins from the use of barbaric toxins that disrupt your system.  Work directly with your gene signals within your bones to foster healthy and strong bones.