Christmas in July 07_16 v3

Shhh. Don’t tell Michael!

Joe Barton here (Michael’s publisher) and I’m sorry for the misspellings but I want to get this typed before he comes back…

Late last year our Wholetonians from down-undah let us know they missed the Christmas extravaganza because, well, it was summer time!  I know it’s hard to take a break from the beach and b-b-q to read emails, so I decided to sneak in and give them a surprise!

I thought “why not surprise them with a Christmas in July!”

I talked with Marty, our superstar marketing chief, and came up with a sale that would knock your socks off. We got done, talked to the whole team and everybody was excited!

But then our in-house crazy-man Maceo said, “Uhhhh….. that’s it? That’s the best you can do?”

I was a little shocked and a bit disappointed he didn’t like my idea (though I think Maceo was convinced I was simply admiring his amazing hair).

But then it hit me…


So I asked Kevin what was the absolute BIGGEST box we could mail without breaking the postman’s back.


That’s because I wanted you to have the bestest Christmas in July ever!

Why?  Because virtually everyone listening to the music from the Wholetones: Healing Frequency Music Project has experienced amazing breakthroughs, amazing new levels of spirtual connection, worship and healing.

Like Shelly from Idaho…

“I read the book and found it extremely fascinating! I listened to Wholetones in my car, on my phone, in my house and now on my phone!! It’s wonderful to have playing in the frontground or the background – setting the spiritual atmosphere.  I recently purchased Wholetones Christmas – simply beautiful! My 13 year old son loves all the products, asks for it to be turned on and frequently goes to sleep listening to it. My husband prays with it on and often does work in our home office with it playing in the background. We are thankful for Wholetones :)” ~ Shelley Clark

And Sandy from Houston…

“The music in Wholetones is excellent and I love the visual projections on the Chroma as well.  Very powerful.  The Christmas cd is also wonderfully mastered.  When we have it playing it brings a sense of peace to us (my husband and I).  My husband was quite agitated about a situation recently and he asked me to play the Healing Frequency and it brought him such peace that now he requests it to help him sleep at night.   I have felt a lightness in myself while listening to it. Hard to describe, but almost as if my insides opened up to light and peace instead of heaviness and agitation.  I have shared the music with several friends.” ~ Sandy Martin

These amazing stories come into the office on a daily basis.  Michael is, in his own words, “flooded with messages on Facebook” about the Wholetones: Healing Frequency Music effect.

That’s why I snuck into the office… I want to give you the gift of the Wholetones: Healing Frequency Music Project so you can spread the Love, the Joy, and the Christmas Spirit – in July!

Here’s the deal:
Package 1 (Merry Christmas to Me!)
Wholetones 7 CD set for $99
Wholetones Christmas CD FREE ($19.97 value)

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Package 2 (Merry Christmas to Me, My Friends and Family too!)
3 Wholetones 7 CD sets for $297
5 Wholetones Christmas CD’s FREE! ($99.95 value)
5 Wholetones Christmas “Making of” DVD FREE! ($99.95 value)
5 Sound of Healing books FREE! ($139.75)
FREE shipping! ($35 value!)
This is a total value of $671.65 for only $297!

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Package 3 (Merry Christmas to Me, My Friends, Family and EVERYONE!)
7 Wholetones 7 CD sets for $694
25 Wholetones Christmas CD’s FREE! ($499.25 value)
10 Wholetones Christmas “Making of” DVD FREE! ($199.70 value)
10 Sound of Healing books FREE! ($279.50)
FREE shipping! ($35 value!)
This is a total value of $1,707.45 for only $694!

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If you’ve ever wanted to give the gift of Wholetones, now’s your shot!  Speaking of shots, please write in to let us know how much your friends love the gift – I’m afraid Michal will want me shot when he finds out!

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Be Blessed,
Joe “Sneaky Santa” Barton