NOW You Can Listen, Share, and Take Wholetones Anywhere—No CDs, Phones, Tablets or Computers—Wholetones TO GO Goes With You

I get it.

You love Wholetones, but carrying around the CDs isn’t always convenient…

And listening on a phone or tablet with those tiny, tinny speakers strips down the richness and depth of the healing music.

And what are you going to do—lug your computer and speakers around?


So may I take away your frustration today?

Because I have for you another exclusive product that I think you’re going to love!

It’s called Wholetones TO GO!

Wholetones to GoThis is a mini-speaker that fits in the palm of your hand yet delivers deep, rich sound that fills any room.

Works wherever you are, whenever you want.

Best of all Wholetones TO GO is preloaded with the 7 healing frequencies in the music of Wholetones.

Now you can easily scoop it up and take it to the beach… the park… your office… or anywhere you’d like to enjoy the music of Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project.

Wholetones to go to the beachYou have to see it to believe it.  And I’ve prepared a short demonstration so you can see exactly what it looks like and how it works.

Now being a musician, I’m pretty persnickety when it comes to sound… and I have to tell you—Wholetones TO GO fills any room with deep, hearty, healing music as well as some of the larger name brand players out there…

You simply charge it up, press a single button, and let it go… I absolutely guarantee you’ll be amazed at the incredible rich sound!

And it fits in the palm of your hand!  So it’s literally ready to go when you are.

Plus if you’d prefer a more private listening experience, Wholetones TO GO comes equipped with special earbuds and a private listening port built-in.

Here let me show you Wholetones TO GO right now so you can see what I mean…

And of course, Wholetones TO GO is backed by my Ironclad 100% Money Back Guarantee for an entire year!

Use it as you will for the next 365 days with no risk… and fall in love with Wholetones all over again!

P.S. If you love the healing music of Wholetones but are tired of carrying around phones, tablets, and CDs… if you wish you could have the rich full sound of Wholetones in a compact, fits-in-the-palm-of-your-hand device, then Wholetones TO GO is for YOU and your lifestyle.  

Click here and watch it in action.