Everyone knows you should eat as many vegetables as you can handle.

But boy, is it hard. It takes forever to chew your way through five servings of vegetables.

When the juicer came along, I thought all our veggie-quota problems were solved.

Just toss all your greens and an apple into a $500 machine and voila! Your daily veggies in a form you could just chug down and go.
Well, if you’ve ever juiced … you know it’s actually harder than just eating your veggies whole.

To make a daily juicing routine really work, you have to have …

why i stopped juicingA lot of money. “Juicing King” Drew Canole estimates it costs $5 to $10 per day for the organic vegetables you need. (That’s as much as $3650 per year for juice!)

A lot of time to run to the grocery store every two days to get more veggies.

An ideal location. It’s near impossible to find fresh, organic, unbruised veggies in the middle of winter in many parts of the U.S.

A lot of patience for cleaning, drying, peeling, chopping your veggies then feeding in one handful at a time so you don’t break your $500 juicer

An affinity for wet grass … which really, unless you’re a gourmet chef, is what your juice always seems to taste like …

And a serious passion for cleaning juicers. (It can take me up to an hour to clean his juicer! Who has time for that?)

So, it may sound a little out of character, but …

I’ve stopped juicing.


I sold my juicer and I don’t miss it for a second.

And you know what? I feel fine about it …

Because I’ve replaced it with something FAR better.

In fact, my new “juicing routine” takes me all of 15 seconds …

It costs me as little as $1.36 a day …

And, it’s absolutely delicious. (No wet grass here—only a sweet, minty, lemony cocktail of super-absorbent nutrition.)

==> Check out my “spoon-stirring” juicing method that’s 10x cheaper.

P.S. I’m letting you off the hook here! You’ve been hearing for years how amazing juicing is for you … but instead of pulverizing thousands of dollars worth of veggies (only to throw half the good stuff out), why not do this instead?

==> This is WAY more convenient than juicing — and it’s even BETTER for you!