There is a real risk to thinking vaccines are anything but dangerous.

Leading researchers have noticed serious allergic reactions occur long after children get vaccinations. Evidence reveals that interfering with a blossoming immune system will do more harm than help.

Once your immune system is disturbed by vaccinations, the odds are set against you ever having an allergy free life. (1)

In reality, catching “a bug” early on actually strengthens your immune system so it can better handle future bugs later on in life.


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American’s are plagued by “medically weakened” immune systems. Now, because of the flu shot “scamdemic,” millions more are being poisoned with the most lethal “non-radioactive” inflammatory substance known to man: MERCURY.

Thimerosal is a disinfectant/preservative in your flu shot and other vaccines, which contains up to 50% mercury.

Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about these “vaccine induced’ heavy metal neurotoxins that cause Allergic Contact Disease (ACD) and age-related diseases. (2)

That’s only the tip of the iceberg. Here are 7 toxic ingredients used in vaccines:

1.    Ethylene glycol (antifreeze)

2.    Phenol (disinfectant dye)

3.    Formaldehyde (cancer agent)

4.    Aluminum (causes Alzheimer’s, seizures and cancer)

5.    Thimerosal (induces brain injury/autoimmune disease)

6.    Neomycin and streptomycin (allergic reactions)

7.    Diseased animal flesh (used for incubation of viruses)

Keep in mind, vaccines don’t get filtered out by your kidneys, liver, lymphatic or immune systems. This chemical trash goes straight into you.

Here’s a shocker: there’s no evidence-based science proving vaccines benefit any one. In fact, there is tons of evidence that vaccines actually keep illnesses going through the population.

Get “Flu and Virus Proof” Naturally!

Antoine Bechamp proved that viruses can’t harm you when your body’s internal environment is healthy.

You heard that right. You can be subjected to any virus and it will not harm you – if you’re healthy.

So, why aren’t hospitals, pharmacists and drug manufacturers and Big Pharma encouraging you and educating you on exactly how to be virus proof???

I think you already know the answer to that one.

It’s all about making money and controlling the people who spend it. If Americans started spending their hard earned cash on medicinal foods and focused on healthier lifestyles, then these powerful companies would lose huge profits and “the cry” for vaccines would simply disappear.

Bottom line:

Big Pharma doesn’t want you to learn how to prevent “vaccine induced” immune deficiency symptoms.

Truth is vaccine theory is false science and ends up weakening your immune system, making an “acidic environment” inside your body where harmful organisms can thrive.

You also have a built-in intelligence that fights against viruses and remembers them so it can respond even quicker next time it sees one.

By simply learning how to nurture optimum health naturally, you can be “virus proof.”

P.S. If you do get a flu shot, insist on a mercury free shot and eat healthier to ward off any adverse effects.



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