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  • Are You Flu Proof?

    30 December 2010
    Posted by Cheryl in: Cold and Flu, daily health blog, Home Cures Daily, natural remedy, News, swine flu

    There is a real risk to thinking vaccines are anything but dangerous.

    Leading researchers have noticed serious allergic reactions occur long after children get vaccinations. Evidence reveals that interfering with a blossoming immune system will do more harm than help.

    Once your immune system is disturbed by vaccinations, the odds are set against you ever having an allergy free life. (1)

    In reality, catching “a bug” early on actually strengthens your immune system so it can better handle future bugs …

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  • Swine Flu Confirmed in Iowa Cat and Other Pets

    5 November 2009
    Posted by Cheryl in: News, swine flu
    Swine flu confirmed in 13-year-old Iowa cat, veterinarians say flu virus also found in 2 ferrets

    A 13-year-old Iowa cat has been infected with swine flu, veterinary and federal officials said Wednesday, and it is believed to be the first case of the H1N1 virus in a feline.

    The domestic shorthaired cat was treated last week at Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine in Ames and has recovered, officials said. The H1N1 virus also has been confirmed in …

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