If you’ve been paying attention to the U.S. government’s sloppy implementation of ObamaCare, a.k.a. the “Affordable Care Act,” then you probably have a sick feeling in your stomach.

I know I do.

It’s a train wreck happening right before our eyes, and it seems there’s not much we can do to stop it.

Can you believe that they didn’t even have their website working properly until several weeks after they launched the site? And it’s STILL not working right!

Then there’s the blatant lies that President Obama and his political partners in crime have been telling us for the past three years, saying that we’ll all be able to keep our health insurance if we want to.

obamacare nightmareTurns out that’s all been hogwash. We’ve been sold a bill of goods.

I just read a letter from my insurance provider, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, that my health insurance will only continue through the end of 2014 – but after that, there are no guarantees.

But here’s what really gets me mad about Obama(Don’t)Care

Since I’m considered very healthy (indicated by minimal trips to the doctor’s office and no prescription meds) – I should expect my premiums to go UP DRASTICALLY in 2015.

So according to Obama(Don’t)Care, I’d be better off if I were SICK or had a pre-existing disease!!

Can you believe it?!?!

So, what are we going to do about this nightmare?

Thankfully, I’ve been working on several BIG things with Dr. Scott Saunders and the Barton Publishing team that will be giving good people like you an amazing alternative to the train wreck of the government-run healthcare system.

But I can’t tell you any details about what we’re working on yet… except for the first installment of our natural health education program we implemented back in January 2009, which is called Home Cures That Work.

And I cannot stress strongly enough how important it is for you and your family to be as educated and informed as possible about NATURAL REMEDIES.

You NEED to protect yourself from getting sick, especially as we head into 2014. There is already a shortage of doctors in our country – but once Obama(Don’t)Care takes effect, more and more doctors are going to be leaving the medical system in DROVES. Hospitals and emergency rooms are going to be OVERFLOWING with people.

I already know of several good doctors who have left the system in order to provide healthcare services to their patients on a more personal level – removing themselves from the insurance entanglement so they can focus on their first love: helping people get healthy again.

As you know, I’ve been telling you about a special promotion we are having until the end of October – lifetime membership to Home Cures That Work, for only $99.

We’ve only offered this lifetime membership once before, and that was four years ago! And I have no plans to ever offer this again at this low price.

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We’re doing this to celebrate our 10 year anniversary – but even more so, to make sure we can help as many people equip themselves with the best-of-the-best home remedies you and your family will need as we enter this new age of healthcare.

The best way to protect yourself from the coming healthcare train wreck is to keep yourself and your loved ones HEALTHY, and to overcome health problems with natural remedies that really work.

Imagine how you’ll feel if you can reverse your diabetes with a trip to the spice rack, instead of visiting the doctor. Or imagine eating an apple or swallowing a certain kind of honey to totally eradicate your acid reflux – and avoid the antacids, or even worse – surgery.

These are the kinds of things you’ll discover in your lifetime subscription to Home Cures That Work.

What else do you get as a member of Home Cures That Work? Let me tell you!

  • Home Cures That Work for LupusDigital access to all our archived issues published since January 2009 – over 50 topics with natural remedies for every one!
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  • How-to videos that will teach you things you haven’t seen before
  • Ask Dr. Saunders Q&A on various topics
  • Monthly articles from a naturopathic doctor, an anti-aging/life extension expert, and more health professionals who know how to fix the root cause of illness and disease
  • Spiritual wellness articles (we’re not afraid to talk about the Great Physician!)
  • Topics we’ve covered include Acid Reflux, Adrenal Fatigue, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Bipolar, Candida, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Heart Disease, Low T, Lupus, Migraines, Obesity, Pain, Prostate, Tinnitus, and much more!

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P.S. Please know that I will be giving you more information about our other exciting plans to help you get healthy (and/or stay healthy!) in the very near future. I truly believe that what we’ve come up with will be a refuge of health and hope for anyone who feels beat down by the broken healthcare system.

P.P.S. Please don’t share this email with anyone who likes Obama’s “Affordable Care Act”… they might think we’re wacko. Let them think that (while they’re stuck in line for hours at the emergency room. OK, maybe you should share this with them, too. 😉 )

P.P.P.S. We had a few website challenges of our own the other day. If you experienced that, I give you my deepest apologies. But, unlike our government, we had it fixed within the hour! Here’s that link one more time: